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Welcome to Plattsburgh Hearing

60 Free Trial3 year supply of batteries
& lifetime in office service

We aim to help those with hearing loss or impairment live a lifestyle that they were once accustomed to by hearing better. We dispense the most modern technology with our hearing aids and give the professional care that you deserve and should expect. We strive to keep all of our hearing aids and other assistive devices affordable and guarantee our products and price. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

185talking.jpgWe use a fairly unique procedure for dispensing hearing aids.   We offer free no risk trials of hearing aids prior to any commitment being made.  This technique gives our patients the ability to try hearing aids first to determine the benefit and value before agreeing to purchase.  We also offer a number of value oriented services including: Extended 3 year full warranty on hearing aids, Free 4 year supply of batteries with purchase, and complimentary in-office service for life.  You receive all of these value oriented services at the guaranteed best price in the area. 

Our mission is to assist you in hearing to the best of your ability with the award winning hearing aids that we offer.  Get the personal care that you deserve by having someone listen to your individual needs and wants and making recommendations that work with your lifestyle.  You will find the best overall value and service at Plattsburgh Hearing for all your hearing aid needs.


-Jeremy Ballard, BS, HIS
NYS Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist 

I have trouble hearing conversations in a noisy background such as a party.
I misunderstand some words in a sentence and need to ask people to repeat themselves.

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